What is PEC?

PEC is short for Precision Engineered Core. This light and strong white core transforms PEC into a rigid LVT, meaning it performs like a superior waterproof laminate, whilst looking, feeling and sounding like LVT. Being rigid, it’s more forgiving of uneven subfloors than traditional forms of LVT.

In fact, there’s so many great features and benefits that Colosseum PEC could become your default choice for both domestic and contract locations.

PEC Mild Oak

PEC Grey Wood Flooring

PEC Pale Oak

PEC bathroom water proof flooring

PEC is rigid

At 6.5mm total thickness, including a 1mm cork backing and the robust extruded core, Colosseum PEC is classed as a rigid LVT. It’s more forgiving of uneven subfloors than traditional LVT, similar to laminate.

It retains the wonders of LVT as well as being rigid, the top layer of LVT along with the wearlayer and PU protective layer means Colosseum PEC retains the benefits of traditional LVT – it’s warm and quiet underfoot, easy to clean, with a true-to-nature texture and resistance to water.

It can top most floors

As a robust floating floor system, Colosseum PEC can be laid over most existing resilient floorcoverings, making it the perfect choice for refurbishments as well as new builds.

It doesn’t mind getting a bit chilly or warm Colosseum PEC can be installed in temperature controlled locations of between 12 – 35 degrees Celsius (it can also be laid in locations subject to higher heat if a suitable high-temperature tolerant adhesive is used).

It’s blessedly quiet and warm underfoot

Our PEC has an integrated, waterproof, recyclable, sustainably sourced cork backing, which gives the whole system enhanced insulation and sound proofing properties.

It’s light and strong

The white extruded core is light whilst being very strong, which makes PEC both robust and very easy to handle.
It’s super easy to work with PEC is simple to fit. It can be cut using the score and snap method and locked together by hand. If preferred, fitters can use a hardwood cutting tool such as a circular saw or guillotine along with a rubber mallet to engage the shortend locking system.

And lastly

The entire system is 100% waterproof and 100% recyclable.